New Ways to Understand Technology Landscapes in a few clicks: CONCEPTSCAPE

One of the most exciting new features in AcclaimIP involves even greater automation and simplification of technology landscape investigation - and associated visualization..

It really combines the best of both possible worlds - real actionable data and transparency with world-class visualizations, including quick comparisons and manipulation.

IP is like Sports: Analytics Matter

There has been much talk about "big data," data intelligence, and data science. Whether you are an experienced consumer of analytics or a neophyte, it is impossible to ignore the trend that those that:

a) mine the right data;

b) develop intelligent and simple algorithms to make sense of the data; and

c) integrate into actual workflows and decision support,

IP and the Art of "Forensic" Accounting

This is another in my series designed to stimulate thought and dialogue around the conundrum that is IP valuation. I previously talked about the balance sheet ramifications of Google's transaction to acquire Nokia and will return to another large, albeit somewhat historical transaction that further elucidates this point. From the Microsoft 2014 Balance Sheet, quarterly data:

What You Should Know About the New FPO

We have been working very hard to bring you the best professional and free solutions in the world for the past few years and are pleased to launch our new FPO IP portal. You will still have access to the familiar fast and reliable search and account functions and you will see more and more analysis and content to help inventors, firms, and companies improve their management of IP. A few of the upgrades you will see now:

The Largest Patent Agents and Their Clients

We recently looked at a distribution of the largest 10 patent agents (US Grants, Last 20 years) and did some quick analysis - it shows some interesting tidbits. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

If you run a quick analysis on the patents associated with the above, you can get some insights into who their clients are and some other statistics:

Patent Searching: Solving Multiple Mazes at the Same Time

While there are various types of patent searches, all of them have something in common – you are looking for result(s) that read on some IP document (invention disclosure, application, patent or set of patents and their claims). While conceptually a simple exercise, anyone experienced in search understands the complexity of the process.

What Every CEO Should Know About their Patents

Annual reports of major companies are littered with references to innovation, IP, patents, and “competing through investment in innovation.” No report is complete without an assertion about the positioning of their patents in support of their products and a detailed exploration of risk around intellectual property claims by other parties and the inability to protect their own IP rights.

Patent Agent (AGT) Normalization

You might be surprised to learn how inconsistent agent (AGT) data is in raw patent records. Large law firms file patents on behalf of their clients using, in some cases, hundreds of variants of their name, and even small firms will often have a dozen or more. It is nearly impossible to analyze patent attorney activity without normalization.